Videos on trade


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Ron Kirk counters the trade sceptics

The United States has seen trade-led growth across all its sectors, says the US Trade Representative. 

Jagdish Bhagwati on why trade still matters

Trade is not taking jobs from developed economies - it is essential to economic growth and recovery for all countries, explains the professor of economics at Columbia University.

Aircraft and export credits

Governments help aircraft manufacturers by offering export credits for foreign airlines. A new set of rules, negotiated at the OECD, came into effect in February 2011.


Open markets - good for jobs

OECD trade policy analyst Molly Lesher explains how trade liberalisation brings benefits to workers and consumers.


Miriam Sapiro: Trade "important for restoring economic growth"

The Deputy U.S. Trade Representative calls for resistance to protectionist pressures and addresses public concerns about liberalising trade.


Aid for Trade - "A real impact for the livelihood of people"

Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General, talks about how aid can improve trade and boost the economy of developing countries.


Ron Kirk: "We've got a good story to tell"

The U.S. Trade Representative on how the recent economic crisis makes a strong case for the benefits of global trade.


Simon Crean: "Trade is an economic stimulus. Trade is a multiplier."

Australia's Minister for Trade sets out the reasons why countries should continue towards greater trade liberalisation.


Pascal Lamy: "Your imports are my exports"

The Director-General of the World Trade Organization (WTO) explains why trade protectionism does not work.


Protectionism - "Nobody benefits: everybody loses"

Ken Ash, OECD Trade and Agriculture Director, on how consumers would pay the cost of any protectionist measures taken by governments.


Trade "promotes opportunities for growth and development"

Keith Rockwell, Head of Communications at the World Trade Organization (WTO), says that the recent economic recession has strengthened the case for more open trade.


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