Trade and development

Trade, Development and Adjustment


Trade can be an engine of growth providing developing countries with expanded market horizons and access to goods, services and technologies. The OECD Trade Committee mainstreams consideration of development across all of its activities, while also including projects specifically focused on development in its work programme. Whereas trade liberalisation is central to many developing countries’ economic strategies, it is often accompanied by adjustment challenges. The Trade Committee gives particular attention to analysis of trade-related adjustment in both member and non-member economies.

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Trade and Structural Adjustment: Embracing Globalisation


This book identifies the requirements for successful reallocation of labour and capital to more efficient uses in response to the emergence of new sources of competition, technological change and shifting consumer preferences.



Export processing zones: Past and future role in trade and development

This paper on export processing zones provides an overview on the current trends surrounding EPZs, a review of the economic costs and benefits of EPZs and an analysis from the rules perspective that focuses on the Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures.


Aid for Trade: From Policy to Practice, Doha

The aim of this Policy Dialogue between OECD and non-OECD countries on Aid for Trade is to bring together a wide range of stakeholders from developing and developed countries to share experiences and information on how best to support developing countries' trade expansion and make it an engine of economic growth and poverty reduction.


Policy Brief: South-south trade: Vital for development

The most effective way to make trade work for development and poverty reduction is for countries to agree on much improved market access under the Doha round of talks at the World Trade Organization (WTO).


Trade policy dialogue on the multiple dimensions of market access and development, Mexico, 23-24 Oct 2006

The OECD Trade Directorate organised a Global Forum on Trade in partnership with the World Bank, and with the support of the Government of Mexico. This Forum considered market access across various development dimensions including global (MFN) liberalisation, North-South trade and South-South trade, trade in services, and regional trade liberalisation (as a complement to multilateral liberalisation). Click here for the full report of the Forum.


Trading Up; economic perspectives on development issues in the multilateral trading system

The prospect of further trade liberalisation sometimes attracts a noisy public discourse, particularly with respect to the possible implications for developing countries. This volume considers trade and development from an economic perspective, aiming to examine these emotive issues using empirical approaches and dispassionate analysis.


The Australian preferential tariff regime

The purpose of this paper is to consider the preferential trade arrangements available to developing countries exporting into the Australian market. The paper opens with an overview of these arrangements, followed by a detailed statistical review.




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