Services trade

OECD Forum on Trade in Services in South Eastern Europe, 24-25 June 2003


The meeting on Trade in Services in South Eastern Europe (SEE), held in Bucharest on 24-25 June 2003, was organised by the OECD Trade Directorate in co-operation with the Government of Romania within the Project on Trade in Services in South Eastern Europe undertaken by the OECD on behalf of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe. The Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) financed this activity. Over 60 officials, business representatives, academics and researchers participated in the event. In addition to representatives of the eight SEE countries, participants came from a number of OECD countries and 4 non-member countries, in particular the three Baltic States and Russia.


The meeting aimed at presenting an assessment of the current situation in services sectors in the SEE countries, and assisting the governments in the region in elaborating strategies to progressively liberalise trade in services. It focused on the following topics:

• An assessment of the Signatory Countries' current and potential trade in services with each other;
• An inventory of obstacles that currently hinder intra-regional trade in services and prevent the realisation of the potential trade in services and its benefits;
• An assessment of the prospects for regional co-operation in services in South Eastern Europe leading to policy recommendations.




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