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  • 14-June-2004


    Managing Request-Offer Negotiations under the GATS: The Case of Legal Services

    OECD Trade Policy Working Paper No. 2. This study forms part of on-going OECD work on trade in services, in cooperation with UNCTAD, aimed at assisting WTO Members in managing request-offer negotiations under the GATS.

  • 20-April-2004


    Trade and Migration: Building Bridges for Global Labour Mobility

    Building on a recent groundbreaking OECD/IOM/World Bank seminar, the publication on Trade and Migration examines the opportunities and challenges in the current debate as they relate to mode 4 and the current WTO services negotiations.

  • 2-March-2004


    Report of the Meeting on Strategies for Developing Regional and Multilateral Trade in Services in Transition Economies: The Experience of the Baltic States, Russia and South East Europe

    The meeting addressed three ongoing projects carried out by the Trade Directorate on trade in services in transition economies -- the CCNM Baltic Regional Programme, Russia Programme and South Eastern Europe project (financed by the Swedish International Development Agency - SIDA). The content and emphasis of these programmes vary, as they reflect different stages of the reform process in individual countries and regions, but all have

  • 6-February-2004


    Services Trade Liberalisation: Identifying Opportunities and Gains

    A large portion of benefits for developed and developing countries from services liberalisation derive not from seeking better market access abroad, but from the increased competitiveness and efficiency of the domestic market, according to this paper.

  • 12-January-2004


    OECD Forum on Trade in Services in South Eastern Europe, 24-25 June 2003

    The OECD Forum on Trade in Services in South Eastern Europe took place on 24-25 June 2003 in Bucharest.

  • 12-November-2003


    4th OECD Services Experts Meeting, 12-14 November 2003, Geneva

    4th OECD Services Experts Meetings, 12-14 November 2003, Geneva

  • 23-May-2003


    Experience of the Baltic States in Managing Multilateral Negotiations on Trade in Services

    The paper presents the results of a survey on the Baltic States’ experience with intragovernmental co-ordination and consultations with domestic stakeholders carried out in preparation for multilateral negotiations on trade in services.

  • 12-February-2002

    English, , 55kb

    Policy Meeting On The Economic And Business Environment For Trade in Services in the Baltic States

    Attached is a summary of the meeting which took place on 13-14 December in Tallinn, Estonia.

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