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  • 17-June-2016


    Address to the Washington International Trade Association

    Thank you for your welcome, and thank you to the Washington International Trade Association for hosting today’s event. The OECD is a longstanding advocate of open markets. I am delighted to be among so many ‘‘friends of trade’’ to share the OECD’s latest data, analysis and reflections on developments in the global trade landscape.

  • 22-December-2015


    OECD’s Gurría welcomes WTO agreements

    OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría congratulates the World Trade Organization and its members for their accomplishments at the 10th WTO Ministerial in Nairobi.

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  • 15-October-2015


    Manteniendo la apertura de los mercados: Desafíos y oportunidades para el comercio y la inversión en América Latina

    Me da mucho gusto participar en esta conferencia sobre los principales retos y oportunidades para el comercio y la inversión en América Latina. La colaboración de la OCDE con América Latina es cada día más extensa y relevante, por ello acepté de inmediato esta invitación.

  • 6-October-2015


  • 6-October-2015


    Istanbul G20 Trade Ministers Meeting - Remarks at session on the slowdown in global trade

    Trade plays an important role in driving economic productivity, investment and growth, and has the potential to create better jobs, increase wages, and improve working conditions. And yet, 2014 marked the third consecutive year in which global trade volumes grew less than 3%. Trade and investment, the twin and complementary engines for reviving the world economy, are lagging behind.

  • 21-September-2015


    OECD Inventory of Support Measures for Fossil Fuels 2015

    This new OECD inventory puts the spotlight on almost 800 spending programmes and tax breaks that governments use to encourage the production or use of fossil fuels. These policies are found in both our member countries and in key emerging economies at national, state and provincial levels.

  • 30-June-2015


    Fifth Global Review of Aid for Trade

    The scope and ambition of the Sustainable Development Goals offer a unique opportunity for ending poverty, protecting our environment, and realising sustainable development for all. What brings us together today is the belief that trade will play a critical role in making this happen. It is, therefore, my great pleasure to present the joint OECD/WTO Aid for Trade at a Glance publication, which focuses on reducing trade costs.

  • 2-June-2015


    G20 Turkish Presidency/OECD Stocktaking Seminar on Global Value Chains

    Today’s seminar provides us with an opportunity to take a deeper dive into the analysis and the policy lessons that are emerging from our collective work on GVCs – especially as relates to the challenges and opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises, and low income countries. Our discussions today will inform a report to G20 Trade Ministers in Istanbul this October.

  • 15-April-2015


    OECD-Keidanren Seminar on Trade and Investment: Strengthening the Third Arrow

    After several false starts, recovery from the global financial crisis seems to be finally, if tentatively, taking hold. Helped by the fall in oil prices, the outlook has brightened in recent months. While there is still a long distance to travel, the Japanese economy is responding to bold, coordinated policy action. The three arrows of Abenomics are starting to bear fruit.

  • 13-November-2014


    Strengthening Global Growth: The G20 Brisbane Summit’s Challenges and Contributions

    The G20 needs to go structural, social, and green! With fiscal and monetary policy room nearly exhausted, structural reforms are the best choices, sometimes the only choice. The OECD battle cry in this regard has been unchanged since 2008: “go structural!”.

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