• 3-July-2009

    English, , 1,388kb

    Trading Out of Poverty - How Aid for Trade Can Help

    The objective of this paper is to raise awareness among donors and partner countries of the potential contribution of trade to economic growth and development, the challenges of realising that potential, and the role of aid for trade in addressing those challenges.

  • 13-May-2009


    OECD Insights

    OECD Insights is a new series of reader-friendly books that uses OECD analysis and data to introduce some of today’s most pressing social and economic issues.

  • 27-April-2009


    International Trade: Free, Fair and Open?

    This book argues that prosperity has rarely, if ever, been achieved or sustained without trade. Trade alone, however, is not enough. Policies targeting employment, education, health and other issues are needed to promote well-being and tackle the challenges of a globalised economy.

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  • 19-March-2009


    Globalisation and Emerging Economies

    Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, China and South Africa (the BRIICS economies) have increased their share of world trade. To build on this progress, these countries should resist protectionism and revive stalled trade reforms, says this OECD study on globalisation.

  • 12-February-2009


    Overcoming Border Bottlenecks: The Costs and Benefits of Trade Facilitation

    Six studies that examine how border bottlenecks affect trade and investment flows, how these bottlenecks might be reduced, and whether the expense involved is worth it.

  • 18-December-2008


    Enhancing Market Openness through Regulatory Reform in the People's Republic of China

    Transparency is critical to the development of a healthy business environment by reducing regulatory impediments, finds this study of China’s trade policy environment. The study focuses on trade-related regulations and their role in supporting China’s market openness.

  • 22-August-2008


    Biofuel Support Policies: An Economic Assessment

    High levels of policy support for biofuel contributes little to reduced greenhouse-gas emissions and other policy objectives, while it adds to a range of factors that raise international prices for food commodities.

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  • 13-May-2008

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    The Export Credits Arrangement: 1978 - 2008: Achievements and Challenges-Continued!

    The Arrangement on Officially Supported Export Credits has moved from a relatively simple to a more sophisticated market-reflective instrument, worth commemorating, especially in the light of its continuing relevance and dynamism.

  • 31-January-2008


    Ecuador - Facilitating Trade and Structural Adjustment: Experiences in Non-Member Countries

    This case study of Ecuador forms part of a project studying experiences in non-member economies and provides lessons learned on how economies can successfully adjust to trade reform.

  • 12-November-2007


    Aid for Trade at a Glance 2007

    This report provides the first comprehensive global picture of aid for trade and will enable the international community to assess what is being achieved, what is not, and where improvements are needed.

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