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  • 9-November-2004


    OECD Länder vereinbaren öffentliche Ausschreibung für Projekte, die mit ungebundenen Entwicklungshilfekrediten finanziert werden

    ECD-Länder, die an dem OECD Übereinkommen über Leitlinien für öffentlich unterstützte Exportkredite teilnehmen, haben sich auf ein zweijähriges Pilotprogramm geeinigt...

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  • 8-November-2004


    OECD Countries Agree to Open Bidding for Projects Financed by Untied Aid Credits

    OECD countries participating in the OECD Export Credit Arrangement agreed on a two-year pilot programme which will provide greater transparency and efficiency in the use of untied aid credits to developing countries.

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  • 12-December-2002


    Agricultural Policies in OECD Countries: a Positive Reform Agenda

    OECD analysis has provided ample evidence of the shortcomings that plague many current farm policies. This report takes the next step and suggests where to go from here. It shows that countries can reap the gains of market-orientation and open tr...

  • 4-December-2001


    Statement by the OECD Secretary-General Donald J. Johnston on Export Credits and the Environment

    "Negotiations have been proceeding at the OECD on common approaches to officially supported export credits and the environment. Much progress has been made, and I foresee OECD discussions continuing towards further improvements".

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