• 8-December-2011

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    2010 Cashflow results for officially supported export credits

    Net Operating Cash Flow 1999-2010 from the members of the Working Party on Export Credits and Credit Guarantees.

  • 12-September-2011


    Trade Facilitation Indicators: The Impact on Trade Costs

    Advance rulings, formalities and procedures, information availability and inter-agency cooperation are the policy areas with the greatest impact on trade volumes and trade costs, according to OECD trade facilitation indicators studied in this report.

  • 2-December-2010


    Merchandise trade statistics for OECD Countries

    Source: OECD International Trade by Commodity Statistics (updated continuously) - Annual merchandise trade statistics of OECD countries are shown with all partner countries at 2-digit level of the Harmonised System (HS) 1988. More detailed data are available on DVD and online up to 6-digit level of the HS 1996 and up to 5-digit level of the Standard International Trade Classification (Rev.2 and Rev.3) in terms of values and quantities.

  • 28-July-2010

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    2010 Country Classification

    2010 Classification of countries according to per capita gross national income (GNI) to determine maximum repayment term and tied aid eligibility under the Arrangement, applicable as of 29 July 2010.

  • 27-July-2010


    Statistical Databases: OECD Structural Analysis Statistics (STAN) Online Database

    Description of OECD Structural Analysis Statistics Online Database.

  • 18-July-2010


    Aid for Trade at a Glance 2011: Showing Results

    Aid for trade increases exports, creates jobs, boosts long-term economic growth and reduces poverty. Aid for trade increased 60% of the past 7 years, to USD 40 billion in 2009. The share to Africa and the Americas is growing fast, but dropping to Asia, Europe and Oceania.

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  • 15-June-2010


    OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook Database

    Agricultural commodity data including supply and use balances, domestic and international prices, and key macro-economic variables and population. The database includes historical data back to 1970 and projections to 2019.

  • 1-February-2010

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    Quarterly Growth in Merchandise Trade, Q3 2009

    Quarterly Growth in Merchandise Trade, Q3 2009

  • 26-January-2010


    STAN Indicators Database

    The 2009 edition of STAN Indicators is available. It gathers a wide range of annual indicators for 1970-2008, drawn from STAN for Structural Analysis , STAN Bilateral Trade Database (BTD) and STAN A

  • 7-January-2010

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    2010-DDR (Differentiated Discount Rates)

    2010 Differentiated Discount Rates valid from 15 January 2010 to 14 January 2011.

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