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OECD News: Trade
N° 3, May, 2014
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Today, May 7th, the OECD launches its brand new Services Trade Restrictiveness Index. The Index and its interactive tools are freely available to the public and provide analysts, policy makers, and businesses with an unparalleled opportunity to understand services trade restrictiveness in major services sectors. Discover the interactive "compare your country" website and then use the comprehensive policy simulator to test the effects of policy changes on restrictiveness.

> Access the STRI now

Interactive STRI Tools

Use this interactive website to discover and compare services trade restrictiveness across 18 sectors in 40 OECD and partner countries.

> Start comparing your country


Once you have identified restrictiveness issues in countries, use our policy simulator to explore the effects of potential policy changes.

> Simulate policy changes


Use our regulatory database to research specific laws and regulations that contribute to services trade restrictiveness.

> Research specific regulations


‌Sector notes provide you with an OECD executive analysis of the 18 different services sectors in the Services Trade Restrictiveness Index.

> Access the sector notes


‌‌Country notes offer a two-page analytical summary of services trade restrictiveness in each of the 40 countries that are part of the STRI.

> View the country notes


The methodology section gives you access to the structural foundations for the work on the Services Trade Restrictiveness Index .

> Explore the methodology

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