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This latest OECD work analyses GVC participation and policy in the context of five developing sub-regions in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Highlighting key differences and similarities, the paper can be a starting point for policy makers in the regions to assess their countries’ GVC engagement and to consider policy options. In addition to the full paper, you can also access a free 20-page summary paper and a 4-page policy note.


Local Content Requirements are rules requiring the purchase of domestically manufactured goods or domestically supplied services. This new report quantifies their predominantly negative impacts on trade and the economy and highlights a series of policy alternatives.


This newly released publication reviews current knowledge about agricultural policy and agricultural trade policy settings, and aims to inform and assist policy-makers and negotiators as they seek to overcome the problems encountered in the agricultural pillar of the Doha Development Agenda trade negotiations. The data and analysis presented cover OECD countries and major G20 and emerging economies that account for the great bulk of global food production, consumption and trade.


This paper synthesises the results of a broad range of OECD analyses on the agricultural components of some 53 regional trade agreements. It identifies those components that can be trade constraining and explores ways in which future RTAs can faciltiate trade.



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