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  • 15-March-2012


    OECD and WTO to start measuring trade in value-added as production chains globalise

    Companies are increasingly producing goods and services through supply chains spanning different countries.

  • 12-January-2012


    International Trade for OECD Countries and Major Non-Member Economies

    International trade data show seasonally adjusted imports, exports and trade balance data in Billions $US for OECD countries and major non-member economies. Imports consist of: (i) imports for direct domestic consumption; (ii) withdraw. The series are updated continuously.

  • 29-November-2011


    International Trade Statistics - Previous meetings

    Previous meetings of the Working Party on International Trade in Goods and Trade in Services Statistics (WPTGS), the OECD-Eurostat Experts in International Trade Statistics (ITS) and the OECD-Eurostat Experts in Trade in Services Statistics (TIS).

  • 2-February-2011

    English, , 1,211kb

    Selling to Foreign Markets: a Portrait of OECD Exporters - Statistics Brief No. 16

    The OECD-Eurostat Trade by Enterprise Characteristics database (TEC) reveals that 4.5% of US firms sell to foreign markets (Figure 1). On average, a similar share of EU firms exports to other European Union member countries, but only 2.7% of EU firms export outside EU markets.

  • 23-December-2010


    ITCS: International Trade by Commodity Statistics

    ITCS provides detailed annual imports and exports data for each OECD member country by commodity and partner country.

  • 2-December-2010


    Merchandise trade statistics for OECD Countries

    Source: OECD International Trade by Commodity Statistics (updated continuously) - Annual merchandise trade statistics of OECD countries are shown with all partner countries at 2-digit level of the Harmonised System (HS) 1988. More detailed data are available on DVD and online up to 6-digit level of the HS 1996 and up to 5-digit level of the Standard International Trade Classification (Rev.2 and Rev.3) in terms of values and quantities.

  • 23-October-2009


    Monthly Statistics of International Trade - Data by Trade in Value by Partner Countries

    The data presented are an extract (Switzerland) of the database Monthly Statistics of International Trade (MSIT) , which provides detailed monthly, quarterly and annual data on trade by OECD member countries and groups of member coutries with partner countries and group of partner countries. MSIT is also available as monthly paper publication.

  • 8-July-2009


    The Great Synchronisation: What do high-frequency statistics tell us about the trade collapse?

    What’s driving the unprecedented collapse in global trade flows? This column shows that the magnitude of the global decline reflects greater synchronisation of trade flow declines across countries. Globalisation has brought the world in sync.

  • 20-February-2009


    OECD International Trade in Services Statistics - Data by Partner Country

    Source: OECD Statistics on International Trade in Services, Detailed Tables by Partner Country - Annual trade in total services statistics are shown - when available - for OECD countries plus EU, Euro Area, European Union Institutions, Hong Kong, China and the Russian Federation. The data concern bilateral trade between residents and non-residents of countries and are reported within the framework of the Manual on Statistics of

  • 20-October-2008


    IMF: Balance of Payments Manual

    The current international standard for the compilation of balance of payments statistics is the IMF's Balance of Payments Manual, 5th edition (BPM5) published in 1993.

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