International trade and balance of payments statistics

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  • Trade by enterprise characteristics (TEC)

    The TEC database contains international annual trade in goods data broken down by different categories of enterprises. It answers questions like who are the firms that are engaged in foreign markets, and what are their characteristics.

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  • Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services

    This Manual is a joint publication of six agencies: the UN, EC, IMF, OECD, UNCTAD, and WTO. It addresses a growing demand from governments, businesses and analysts for more relevant, detailed and internationally comparable statistics on services trade.

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  • What exactly are services?

    The term services covers a heterogeneous range of intangible products and activities that are difficult to encapsulate within a simple definition. Services are also often difficult to separate from goods with which they may be associated in varying degrees.

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Slowdown in global merchandise trade accelerates in Q1 2016

G20 total international merchandise trade
s.a., current prices and US$ billion


31/05/2016 - G20 total international merchandise trade, seasonally adjusted and expressed in current US dollars, contracted further in the first quarter of 2016, approaching six-year lows, as crude oil prices continued to fall. Exports fell for the seventh consecutive quarter (by 3.8%), while imports fell for the eighth consecutive quarter (by 4.1%). 



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