OECD International Business Dialogue 2013: Barriers to 21st Century Commerce - 4-5 March 2013


Summary report

Business representatives and policy makers provided lively debate and valuable insights on barriers to 21st century commerce when they met at this event at OECD headquarters in Paris.

The summary report features the main points from the discussion, the key findings from the online survey that accompanied the event, and recommendations for policy makers.

Read the summary report  (PDF, 16 pages, 1 MB)

Information for participants

About this workshop

Today’s global economic landscape continues to be characterized by sluggish growth, complex macroeconomic and regulatory challenges, and a high degree of uncertainty in markets. Unemployment remains stubbornly high, in particular among youth, and the restoration of a healthy public finance sector remains an elusive goal for many countries. At the same time, growth dynamics in important emerging economies have slowed. The prospect of multilateral market opening seems remote, with the WTO’s Doha Development Agenda in gridlock and a perceived rise in the use of new, subtle forms of protectionism. These trends are an imminent risk to a fragile and hesitant recovery from the recent crisis.

It is in this setting that the OECD held an International Business Dialogue on the theme of Barriers to 21st Century Commerce. The objective of the dialogue was to bring together representatives from firms across sectors and regions to identify and prioritize barriers to international business activity. In particular, the event aimed to provide a platform to companies to share hands-on experience in international markets with representatives of both the OECD and its members' trade ministries – and identify the most urgent obstacles to international commerce before, at, and beyond the border.

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