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Is international trade good or bad for jobs? Can open markets have benefits for our environment? Does trade have a role in encouraging development and alleviating poverty?

Read our series of articles examining the facts of how trade relates to issues that concern us all. 

Freer flows of trade are part of the solution to the current economic crisis. Experience shows that openness to trade can contribute to productivity enhancement and economic growth - no country has achieved sustainable economic growth without actively participating in the global economy.


Still, there are calls from some to protect industries and workers against imports by raising tariffs, imposing quotas or resorting to various non-tariff barriers. We would all pay a high price for heeding such calls.


Many countries from many different parts of the world, and at very different levels of development, are actively pursuing further trade liberalisation. The reason is simple: opening markets further, and ensuring accompanying economic, environmental and social policies are in place, is in the best interest of their citizens.

Fact or fiction? Find out ...

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