Export credits


Governments provide official export credits support through Export Credit Agencies for national exporters competing for overseas sales.


Spotlight on Financial Crisis and Export Credits


Export Credits

Broadly defined, an export credit is an insurance, guarantee or financing arrangement which enables a foreign buyer of exported good and/or services to defer payment over a period of time. Export credits are generally divided into short-term, medium-term (usually two to five years repayment) and long-term (usually over five years).


Short term export credits are provided on cash or near cash terms through, e.g. open account or letter of credit facilities. Medium-and long-term export credits may take the form of either “supplier credits” (extended by the exporter to the overseas buyer) or “buyer credits” (the exporter’s bank or other financial institution lends to the buyer or the buyer’s bank). 


Arrangement on Officially Supported Export Credits

The role of the OECD in export credits first and foremost involves the maintenance and developments of the international disciplines of the Arrangement which stipulate the financial terms and conditions for official export credits.


The main purpose of the Arrangement is to provide a framework for the orderly use of officially supported export credits. In practice, this means providing for a level playing field (whereby exporters compete on the basis of the price and quality of their products rather than the financial terms provided) and eliminating trade distortions and subsidies.


Export Credit Policies

The OECD forum also provides a forum for discussion and coordination of national export credit policies; these include measures to deter bribery, environmental review, sustainable lending and, latterly and importantly, responses to the global financial crisis.



Aircraft and export credits
Governments help aircraft manufacturers by offering export credits for foreign airlines. A new set of rules, negotiated at the OECD, went into effect in February 2011.


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