Agricultural trade

OECD Conference to Explore Changes in the Food Economy, The Hague, 6-7 February 2003


Food manufacturing and retailing in many OECD countries is becoming increasingly concentrated among a few big firms. How this trend effects producers, smaller retailers and the consumer - and how governments should respond - was among the issues explored in Changing Dimensions of the Food Economy: Exploring the Policy Issues, an OECD conference in The Hague, Netherlands on 6-7 February, 2003.

Papers and presentations for the conference are available here.


Against a background of rising consumer demand for variety, safety and quality in food, the conference will cover three broad topics:

  • The changing balance of power along the food supply chain,
  • Food lifestyles and challenges for the food industry,
  • Transparency and responsibility in the food economy.

Organised in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries of the Netherlands, the conference took place at the Kurhaus Hotel, Scheveningen. It brought together more than 200 delegates from government, business, and academic and other organisations.


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