Workshop on Automatic Exchange of Information and Last Mile Seminar on Effective Exchange of Information organised in Nigeria


A workshop on Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) is taking place on 29-30 June and a Last Mile seminar on effective exchange of information (EoI) will follow on 3-5 July in Lagos, Nigeria.


The workshop on AEOI which is a foundation course organised by the Global Forum in co-operation with the Federal Inland Revenue Service of Nigeria, the African Tax Administration Forum and the West African Tax Administration Forum brrings together 38 delegates from 15 African countries. 

AEOI training, NigeriaWorkshop on AEOI
Lagos, Nigeria, 29 June 2017

Following the recent development of the new international Standard for Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information in Tax Matters 101 jurisdictions have committed to implementing it, with first exchanges in 2017 or 2018.


Working with key partners, the Global Forum has also developed a Roadmap to assist developing countries by providing a step by step approach to enable them participate in the new Standard.


This workshop is designed to assist government officials in the implementation of the Standard. It has provided a high level overview of the Standard itself, along with a practical guide to the necessary steps to implement it.


The Federal Inland Revenue Service of Nigeria is also hosting a Global Forum Last Mile seminar on effective EOI (an auditor’s perspective) which was designed for tax auditors, officials responsible for training tax auditors in EOI, and other persons engaged in exchange of information for tax purposes.


Last Mile Training SeminarLast Mile seminar on effective EOI
Lagos, Nigeria, 3-5 July 2017

The seminar will focus on the connection between the domestic tax investigation and information gathering framework and the international infrastructure for exchange of information (“the Last Mile”). The aim is to introduce tax auditors to the exchange of information (EOI) infrastructure that has been developed over the last few years, comprising a vast treaty network (around 7000 new Double Tax Conventions, Tax information exchange agreements and other EOI relationships), competent authority structures and EOI facilitation tools.


Tax auditors are encouraged to make effective use of these EOI tools by increasing the number and quality of outgoing requests to their treaty partners. The seminar will strengthen awareness among auditors that protection of domestic revenue is closely linked with the effective use of this EOI network.


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