Technical visit to the United Republic of Tanzania as part of the Induction Programme


Mr. Ervice Tchouata, Tax Policy Analyst at the Global Forum Secretariat, conducted a technical visit to the United Republic of Tanzania on 27-29 March 2017 as part of the induction programme for this country which joined the Global Forum in 2015. During the visit two awareness building seminars attended by 31 participants were organised with the Tanzania Revenue Authority and other stakeholders including representatives from the Ministry of Finance, the Bank of Tanzania (Central Bank), the Business Registration and Licensing Agency (registrar of companies), the Registration, Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (registrar of trusts), the Tanzania bankers association, the Financial Intelligence Unit and the Attorney General’s Chambers.

Technical visit to the United Republic of Tanzania as part of the Induction ProgrammeErvice Tchouata, Tax Policy Analyst, Global Forum Secretariat (first on the top right) with
representatives of the Tanzania Revenue Authority on
27 March 2017.


Apart from the familiarisation with the Global Forum work, the seminars focussed on the benefit Tanzania’s benefits in implementing the tax transparency standards and the need to anticipate the peer review scheduled to be launched in 2019. The Global Forum induction programme is aimed at assisting Tanzania on these challenges.


A meeting with Mr. Charles Emmanuel Kichare, the newly appointed Commissioner General of the Tanzania Revenue Authority took place on 29 March. Mr. Kichare welcomed the induction programme and promised to take the appropriate steps to ensure that Exchange of Information for tax purposes is a priority in Tanzania.


The official launch of Tanzania’s induction programme will be done in a couple of months with the ministerial visit of the head of the Global Forum Secretariat.


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