Supplementary Peer Review Report Summary: Jersey


The supplementary combined review rates Jersey as overall largely compliant with the international standard. The supplementary report recognises the improvements made by Jersey in its legal framework to respond to the recommendations of the Combined Report of 2011. Jersey has amended its Regulations to enhance availability and access to information for the purposes of exchange of information. In addition, the amendments to the competent authority’s access powers to address some practical difficulties on the interpretation on the Regulations, together with guidance provided by case law, should allow Jersey’s competent authority to adopt a line more in keeping with the international standards. The report notes that the Jersey authorities should monitor the effectiveness of the new Regulations, and monitor whether further changes are required to answer all EOI requests in a timely manner. Jersey should report steps taken to address the recommendations made in the combined report within12 months. For further information on Jersey’s exchange of information practices and to read the full report click here.


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