Phase 2 Peer Review Report Summary: Montserrat


The Phase 2 review rates Montserrat as overall largely compliant with the international standard. Montserrat is now a party to the Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance  and will be able effectively exchange information under this instrument once it has completed theamendments to its domestic law.  During the review period Montserrat received only one request which it answered in a timely manner. Montserrat has made some legal amendments to bridge the gaps pointed out in its Phase 1 report.  The report recommends that Montserrat monitor its new laws to ensure that it exchanges all types of information in line with the international standard. Montserrat should report steps taken to address the recommendations made in the Phase 2 report within twelve months. For further information on Montserrat's exchange of information practices and to read the full report click here.


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