Phase 2 Peer Review Report Summary: Indonesia


The Phase 2 review rates Indonesia as overall partially compliant with the international standard. Legal impediments exist for the Indonesian authorities to have unrestricted access to bank information in all cases. In addition, only a limited range of compulsory powers is available to the Indonesian authorities to compel the production of information following an EOI request. Indonesia’s legal framework ensures the availability of ownership and accounting and accounting information, and in practice the information requested by Indonesia’s EOI partners has indeed been found to be available. However, responses have often been delayed until beyond the time they would reasonably be expected to arrive. This was mainly caused by the lack of staff at the Indonesian competent authority and the lack of awareness at the level of local tax offices (which are responsible for obtaining a significant part of the information). Indonesia has taken steps to address both issues. Indonesia should report steps taken to address the recommendations made in the Phase 2 report within six months. For further information on Indonesia's exchange of information practices and to read the full report click here.


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