Phase 2 Peer Review Report Summary: Antigua and Barbuda


The Phase 2 review rates Antigua and Barbuda as overall partially compliant with the international standard. The legal framework in Antigua and Barbuda ensures availability of most information but a gap was identified in the obligations pertaining to the availability of accounting information on international business companies and certain ordinary trusts.  During the review period, the Antigua and Barbuda’s authorities did not have a system of oversight to ensure the fulfilment of the obligations to maintain ownership and accounting information and correspondingly, penalties for non-compliance were rarely imposed by the authorities.  There was also some difficulty experienced in answering EOI requests in a timely manner but Antigua and Barbuda’s authorities had since set up a formal unit within the Inland Revenue Department to monitor and process incoming EOI requests. Antigua and Barbuda should report steps taken to address the recommendations made in the Phase 2 report within six months.  For further information on Antigua and Barbuda’s exchange of information practices and to read the full report click here.


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