Members of the Global Forum


The 127 members of the Global Forum are:



Albania_small Albania     Kazakhstan Kazakhstan_small
Andorra_small Andorra     Kenya Kenya_small
Anguilla_small Anguilla     Korea Korea, Republic_small
Antigua and Barbuda_small Antigua and Barbuda     Latvia Latvia_small
Argentina_small Argentina     Kingdom of Lesotho Lesotho_small
Aruba_small Aruba     Liberia Liberia_small
Australia     Liechtenstein Liechtenstein_small
Austria     Lithuania Lithuania_small
Azerbaijan     Luxembourg Luxembourg_small
Bahamas_small The Bahamas     Macau, China Macau
Bahrain_small Bahrain     Malaysia Malaysia_small
Barbados_small Barbados     Malta Malta_small
Belgium     Marshall Islands Marshall Islands_small
Belize_small Belize     Mauritania Mauritania_small
Bermuda_small Bermuda     Mauritius Mauritius_small
Botswana_small Botswana     Mexico Mexico_small
Brazil     Monaco Monaco_small
British Virgin Islands flag British Virgin Islands     Montserrat Montserrat_small
Brunei Darussalam_small Brunei Darussalam     Morocco Morocco_small
Burkina Faso_small Burkina Faso     Nauru Nauru_small
Cameroon_small Cameroon     Netherlands Netherlands_small
Canada     New Zealand New Zealand_small
        Niger Niger_small
Cayman Islands_small Cayman Islands     Nigeria Nigeria_small
Chile     Niue Niue_small
China     Norway Norway_small
Colombia     Pakistan Pakistan_small
Cook Islands_small Cook Islands     Panama Panama_small
        Papua New Guinea


 Costa Rica_small  Costa Rica     Peru Peru_small
Cote d'ivoire Côte d'Ivoire     Philippines Philippines_small
Croatia Croatia     Poland  Poland_small
Curaçao flag Curaçao     Portugal Portugal_small
Cyprus_small Cyprus     Qatar

Czech Republic_small Czech Republic     Romania Romania_small
Denmark     Russian Federation Russian Federation_small
Dominica_small Dominica     St. Kitts and Nevis St Kitts and Nevis flag
Dominican Republic_small Dominican Republic     St. Lucia Saint Lucia_small
El Salvador_small El Salvador     Sint Maarten Sint Maarten flag
European Union_small European Union     St. Vincent and the Grenadines Saint Vincent and the Grenadines_small
Estonia     Samoa Samoa_small
Finland     San Marino San Marino_small
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)_small Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)     Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia_small
France_small France     Senegal Senegal_small
Georgia     Seychelles Seychelles flag small
Germany_small Germany     Singapore Singapore_small
Gabon_small Gabon     Slovak Republic Slovak Republic_small
Ghana_small Ghana     Slovenia Slovenia_small
Gibraltar_small Gibraltar     South Africa South Africa_small
Greece_small Greece     Spain Spain_small
Grenada_small Grenada     Sweden Sweden_small
Guatemala_small Guatemala     Switzerland Switzerland_small
        Tanzania Tanzania_small
Guernsey_small Guernsey     Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago_small
‌‌Hong Kong, China_small Hong Kong, China     Tunisia Tunisia_small
Hungary     Turkey Turkey_small
 Iceland     Turks and Caicos Islands Turks and Caicos Islands_small
India     Uganda Uganda_small
Indonesia     Ukraine Ukraine_small
Ireland     United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates_small
Isle of Man_small Isle of Man     United Kingdom United Kingdom_small
Israel     United States United States_small
Italy_small Italy     Uruguay Uruguay_small
      Vanuatu Vanuatu_small
Jamaica_small Jamaica       ‌‌
Jersey_small Jersey        


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