Global Forum on tax transparency assists Nigeria to start the AEOI implementation process


28/11/2017 - Global Forum officials went to Nigeria on 22-24 November to conduct an Automatic Exchange of Information implementation seminar to enable Nigeria to kick off the AEOI implementation process. Nigeria has committed to starting automatic information exchanges in accordance with the international standard for AEOI.


The Global Forum Secretariat presented the work of the Global Forum, introduction to the AEOI, key concepts of the Common Reporting Standard and compliance strategy for effective implementation.


There are already 102 jurisdictions implementing the the Common Reporting Standard including 4 in Africa as shown in the AEOI Implementation Report 2017. Other jurisdictions in Africa have also shown strong interest in AEOI and similar support is available to all developing countries which are members of the Global Forum.


At its recently concluded plenary meeting in Yaounde, Cameroon, the Global Forum also released a Plan for Action to assist developing countries in implementing AEOI and benefitting from it by providing a step by step approach.


The seminar was designed to assist government officials in the implementation of the Standard. It has provided a high level overview of the Standard itself, along with a practical guide to the necessary steps to implement it.


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