Global Forum and ATAF explore ways for Zambia to use exchange of information as a tool to tackle tax evasion


25/04/2018 - The Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes (the Global Forum) began carried out a technical assistance mission to Zambia which took place on 16-20 April 2018. During this mission, Mr. Ervice Tchouata, Tax Policy Advisor at the Global Forum Secretariat, met with senior tax officials and held discussions regarding Zambia’s use of exchange of tax information as a key tool to fight cross-border tax evasion.


The visit to Zambia was a part of Global Forum’s collaboration with African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF) on its programme on Exchange of Information (EOI). ATAF offers this programme to all its members with the objective of sharing of experiences and expertise on exchange of information. The programme also aims at putting in place a suitable organisation and business processes to exchange information with treaty partners. Zambia is one of the five ATAF’s member countries that are scheduled to receive EOI technical assistance missions in 2018.


Meetings with senior tax officials took place to understand the current organisation and functioning of the existing or future EOI Unit within the Revenue Authority. The discussions were also useful to capture the big picture of the current situation of the country’s legal framework and practice of transparency against the international standard on exchange of information on request and to explain the current international efforts to tackle tax evasion through enhanced transparency for tax purposes and its potential for Domestic Revenue Mobilisation.


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