EOI Training Seminar, Santiago, Chile


The sixth of the training series for the Exchange of Information on Request (EOIR) second round of reviews took place in in Santiago, Chile on 7- 10 March 2017. The training was a great success with more than 60 tax officials from 16 jurisdictions, in attendance. The event was organised by the Global Forum Secretariat in co-operation with the Inter American Center of Tax Administrations, Inter-American Development Bank and World Bank Group and was hosted by the “Servicio de Inmpuestos Internos". The training took the form of a 4-day seminar with a “360 degree” format designed to prepare both assessed jurisdictions and assessors for the second round of EOIR peer reviews. 

EOI Seminar, ChileEOI Seminar
Santiago, Chile
7-10 March 2017


The seminar included guidance on how to best prepare for the review, what the review will entail and the impact of the changes to the Global Forum’s Terms of Reference, Methodology and Assessment Criteria note and was very practical in nature including a mock onsite visit and PRG meeting for participants. The event was also an excellent opportunity for participants to meet with tax officials from other jurisdictions, to share best practices and to become acquainted with the latest developments in exchange of information. The next of the EOIR training series will take place in Romania in October 2017.


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