Competent Authorities discuss ways to improve cooperation on exchange of tax information


The Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information held its 2nd meeting of the Competent Authorities in Amsterdam on 30-31 May 2013. This important event kindly hosted by the Netherlands was attended by 174 delegates from 77 jurisdictions. The meeting was primarily designed for Global Forum member jurisdictions’ officials who are engaged in EOI for tax purposes.


Global Forum 2nd Meeting of Competent Authorities

This second meeting had two main themes: Managing increasing volume and complexity of EOI requests and the Last Mile – Using EOI highway effectively.

Recognising that volumes and complexity of requests from treaty partners was growing, delegates shared strategies and tools they use to effectively manage it. Delegates also shared programs and procedures they have put in place to make full use of their EOI networks to tackle tax evasion. There was agreement that a good EOI relationship was built on effective communication between Competent Authorities, ensuring good quality of requests and responses as well as feed back on the usefulness of the information. The importance of sensitization of tax auditors to improve effectiveness of EOI was highlighted.  Delegates agreed that the Competent Authorities Meeting is the ideal platform to share experiences and practices so as to improve the quality of EOI.  Participants agreed to further develop their secure database and welcomed the development of an EOI toolkit for EOI units i.e., tracking systems and working manuals. 


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