Chad and Guyana join the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes


4/02/2016 – Chad and Guyana have become the 130th and 131st members of the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes(Global Forum).


These countries’ membership illustrates the growing interest of developing countries towards increased  international tax cooperation and the continued relevance of the Global Forum’s work in addressing cross-border tax evasion. The Global Forum stands ready to support Chad and Guyana tax authorities in benefitting from the global developments in transparency and exchange of tax information.


Tax transparency has been identified as a key priority for developing countries and the importance of inclusive cooperation and dialogue among national tax authorities was clearly highlighted during the Addis Ababa third international conference in 2015 on financing for development.


Members of the Global Forum include all G20 countries, all OECD members, all key international financial centres and many developing countries. Guyana and Chad like all other Global Forum members will participate on an equal footing, and are now committed to addressing tax evasion through implementing the internationally agreed standards of transparency and exchange of information for tax purposes.


“We are delighted to welcome Chad and Guyana as new Global Forum members”, said the Chair of the Global Forum Kosie Louw- “They will now be sitting at the table with countries from every continent – participating in discussions and actions to make tax systems more transparent and fair to all.”


The Global Forum expects that its reach will continue to grow and that more countries will join in the near future. It confirms the Global Forum’s position as the world’s leading multilateral body which is ensuring the effective implementation of two internationally agreed standards: exchange of information on request and automatic exchange of financial account information. 


For further information, journalists should contact Monica Bhatia, Head of the Global Forum Secretariat (+33 1 6 10 14 04 22).


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