1st Meeting of International Organisations and Development Agencies regarding the Global Forum’s Technical Assistance CoordinationPlatform


The Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes hosted on 20 January 2012, in conjunction with the Assessor Training Seminar, a special meeting for international organisations and development agencies. The meeting sought comments on a proposal for a technical assistance coordination platform to be hosted by the Global Forum and focused on the areas of tax transparency and information exchange.  The meeting brought together more than 50 representatives of 19 international organisations and development agencies, by way of video and telephone conferencing, using meeting sites established in Buenos Aires and Paris.


Late last year, the G20 Development Working Group emphasised the value to all jurisdictions of implementing the international standard on transparency and exchange of information in tax matters, and the need for smaller and developing countries to be assisted in drafting necessary legislation or setting up robust organisational structures. Several international organisations already provide technical assistance in the areas of tax co-operation and transparency, however there is currently no coordination between these agencies.


With a G20 mandate to improve coordination in the areas of tax transparency and information exchange, the Global Forum’s 106 members agreed in October to establish a platform to allow international organisations and development agencies to better coordinate their technical assistance activities, and to ensure that all jurisdictions may benefit from the international environment of increased transparency and tax information exchange. At this groundbreaking meeting, the international organisations and development agencies presented their current initiatives in these areas.

The Global Forum’s proposal for the online coordination platform received strong support from participants as a tool to efficiently match supply and demand, to avoid duplication and to maximise the use of resources.


The coordination platform will be a secured platform accessible by international organisations and development agencies working on tax assistance projects and is expected to be launched in February 2012. 


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