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The OECD’s Global Relation Programme offers tax officials from developing countries the necessary training to tackle today’s most pressing challenges in international taxation. These events are offered free of charge in three formats: face-to-face, blended learning and e-learning.


Blended Learning (BL) is a combination of an on-line training (composed of video lessons, reading materials and a self-assessment test), followed by a workshop facilitated by experts in one of our Multilateral Tax Centres.


The on-line phase is open to all tax officials, without limitation of number. Those who have done a satisfactory self-assessment test, and who are interested in discussing further the proposed topics, will be able, upon approval of their country representative, to register to the face-to-face workshop to take place in the Multilateral Tax Centres.


Both phases are offered free of charge and available through the Knowledge Sharing Platform (KSP).


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How to participate?


Blended Learning events are composed of: 1) An on-line phase and 2) A face-to-face seminar. First, register on the face-to-face event of your choice. You will receive an e-mail notification when the online course is uploaded to the e-learning section of the KSP. In order to receive the OECD certificate of completion, participants will have to complete the online course and pass the self-assessment test before the last day of the face-to-face event.


Find step-by-step instructions in the Guidelines For Participants


Calendar 2020


E-learning phase

Face-to-face seminars 

Interpretation and Application of Tax Treaties  Register here
01-05 June, China MTC CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19. Virtual class offered on the KSP
23-27 October, Malaysia*
Tax Treaty Negotiations Register here
25-29 May, Korea MTC CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19. Virtual class offered on the KSP
31-04 September, Paraguay*
Transfer Pricing and Auditing: Insurance and Banking Register here
02-06 March, Malaysia*
Transfer Pricing Documentation and Country-by-Country Reporting Register here
23-27 March, Malaysia* CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19. Virtual class offered on the KSP
Transfer Pricing Documentation and Risk Assessment  Register here
01-05 June, Mexico MTC  CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19. Virtual class offered on the KSP
Advanced Transfer Pricing  Register here
15-19 June, Brazil*
Auditing MNEs Register here
Train the Trainers on International Taxation  Register here 26-30 October, China MTC
Exchange of Information Last Mile: An Auditor's Perspective  Register here
16-20 March, Vienna MTC  CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19
11-15 May, Brazil* CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19. Virtual class offered on the KSP
Exchange of Information as a Tool to Combat Tax Evasion Register here

06-17 July, Vienna MTC*

The Common Reporting Standard and the Use of CRS Information  Register here

12-16 October, Turkey MTC

Toolkit on Adressing Comparable Data for Transfer Pricing  Register here

16-20 March, Turkey MTC CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19. Virtual class offered on the KSP.

International Taxation and the Mining Industry Register here

05-09 October, Brazil*

Whole-of-government approach to combatting financial crimes Register here 11-15 May, South Africa* CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19. Virtual class offered on the KSP
SMEs and Enhancing Compliance in the Informal Sector Register here 05-09 October, Costa Rica*
The OECD VAT Guidelines  Module to be released  18-22 May, Fiji* CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19
Advanced Tax Treaties  Module to be released  07-11 September, India*

*Please note that only events with direct links in this table are open to direct registration through the KSP: Events taking place in other locations are not open to direct registration. 


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