• 22-June-2005

    English, , 183kb

    Pension savings and government finance in the Netherlands

    The role of tax-favoured retirement saving for long-term sustainability of public finances in the Netherlands. OECD Economic Studies No. 39.

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  • 22-June-2005

    English, , 268kb

  • 20-June-2005

    English, , 328kb

  • 23-May-2005

    English, , 281kb

    Guidance Note: Guidance for the Standard Audit File - Tax (SAF-T)

    This guidance note focuses on the creation of a computer file that allows the easy export of a predefined set of accounting records in a commonly-readable format.

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  • 23-May-2005

    English, , 421kb

    Guidance Note: Guidance on Tax Compliance for Business and Accounting Software

    This guidance note describes the processes needed in business and accounting software to attain a sufficient level of reliability for electronic records kept in support of tax returns during the retention period prescribed by tax legislation in individual countries.

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  • 19-April-2005

    English, , 461kb

    Guidance Note - Achieving Success with Electronic Services

    The growth of e-services is presenting many opportunities and challenges to revenue authorities. The initial response by many revenue authorities has centred on the provision of e-filing solutions for the various tax types administered. However, increasingly, both customers and Governments expect more comprehensive e-services that match the best of the commercial sector. Providing e-services that are joined-up, customer-centric and

  • 9-March-2005

    English, , 451kb

  • 17-December-2004

    English, , 125kb

    Saving behaviour and the effectiveness of fiscal policy, OECD Economic Outlook No. 76, ch. V

    OECD Economic Outlook No. 76, chapter V. Fiscal policy has been used as an antidote to weak activity during the most recent downturn and fiscal consolidation has been delayed in some countries because of its perceived costs in terms of lower activity. However, the impact of fiscal policy on aggregate demand depends on the responses of private saving to changes in fiscal stance. In certain circumstances budget deficit shifts can be

  • 18-October-2004

    English, , 622kb

    Information Note - Compliance Risk Management - Use of Random Audit Programs

    This note examines how random audits are used in the context of an overall programme of compliance improvement for small and mid-size business taxpayers. It was prepared by a study team comprised of officials from revenue authorities in Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom and United States.

  • 18-October-2004

    English, , 725kb

    Guidance Note - Compliance Risk Management - Managing and Improving Tax Compliance

    The purpose of this guidance note is to provide a framework for the application of modern compliance risk management principles to the management of tax compliance risks. It identifies and discusses the general principles found in both the identification and treatment of compliance risks within a wide variety of taxation jurisdictions. It provides information about the way in which treatment strategies influence the behaviour of

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