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  • 10-September-2009

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    Lucerne VAT Conference - Communiqué

    The High Level VAT Conference was held in Lucerne on 9-10 September 2009, bringing together senior tax policy officials from 25 OECD countries, the European Commission and 5 non-member economies. The Communiqué is now available.

  • 7-September-2009


    G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors call for continued action to ensure a level playing field for tax

    In a statement following their 5 September meeting in London, in advance of Pittsburgh, the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors reaffirmed their commitment to strengthen the financial system, but stated that more needs to be done to maintain momentum. They also stated that unprecedented progress has been made since the November 2008 G20 Summit with regard to the OECD’s standards of tax information exchange and

  • 1-September-2009


    5th Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information, 1-2 September 2009, Mexico City

    Representatives of almost 100 governments were invited to meet in Los Cabos, Mexico, on 1-2 September 2009 to decide next steps in a global campaign to improve transparency and exchange of banking, ownership and other information for tax purposes.

  • 31-August-2009


    OECD assessment shows bank secrecy as a shield for tax evaders coming to an end

    Today the OECD issued its Tax Co-operation 2009: Towards a Level Playing Field. This is the fourth annual assessment of progress being made towards greater transparency and information exchange in the area of taxation.

  • 9-July-2009


    G8 Leaders acknowledge progress in promoting tax information exchange and transparency

    In a statement following their 8 July meeting in L’Aquila, the G8 leaders stated "all jurisdictions must now quickly implement their commitments... an appropriate follow up framework is needed to fully benefit from this renewed emphasis on tax information exchange and transparency... We ask the OECD to swiftly address these challenges, propose further steps and report by the time of the next G20 Finance Ministers’ meeting.”

  • 23-June-2009

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    Second Conference on the Fight against International Tax Fraud and Evasion by Promoting Transparency and Exchange of Information in Tax Matters - Communiqué

    At the invitation of Mr Peer Steinbrück, Minister of Finance of Germany, and of Mr Eric Woerth, Minister for the Budget, Public Accounts and the Civil Service of France, ministers and senior officials of 19 countries came together in Berlin on 23 June 2009 in order to review the progress that has been made with respect to the implementation of the OECD standard on transparency and exchange of information in tax matters since their

  • 17-June-2009


    G8 Finance Ministers welcome progress in negotiations of agreements on the exchange of information for tax purposes

    In a statement following their 12-13 June meeting in Lecce, ministers urged "further progress in the implementation of the OECD standards and the involvement of the widest possible number of jurisdictions, including developing countries. It is also essential to develop an effective peer-review mechanism to assess compliance with the same standards. This could be delivered by an expanded Global Forum. We also look forward to an update

  • 9-June-2009


    OECD holds Consultation with Business on Transfer Pricing Aspects of Business Restructurings

    On 9-10 June 2009, the OECD held a consultation with business commentators on its discussion draft on the transfer pricing aspects of business restructurings which was released for public comment in September 2008.

  • 29-May-2009


    Fifth OECD Forum on Tax Administration: Paris Communiqué

    The fifth meeting of the OECD’s Forum on Tax Administration was held in Paris on 28-29 May 2009. The discussions focused on the challenges and opportunities currently facing revenue bodies and taxpayers around the world as a result of the first truly global financial and economic crisis. Working alongside senior business leaders, the heads of revenue bodies from FTA participating countries came together to share experiences and

  • 29-May-2009


    Tax collectors worldwide to co-operate in revenue-raising to offset fiscal deficits

    With governments facing soaring budget deficits as they seek to combat the global economic slump, tax authorities from around the world have agreed on a new cooperation plan.

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