Export credits

Premium and Interest Rates related to the Aircraft Sector Understanding


Minimum Premium Rates (MPR)

  • The historical rates can be obtained in XLS format here:  historical MPR. 
  • 2007 ASU: Minimum Premium Rates (MPRs) for Category 2 and 3 Aircraft are reset once a year. These reset MPRs replace Table 2 a) and Table 2 b) of Appendix III of the Aircraft Sector Understanding (2007 ASU)  and can be seen here:  Annual Reset of MPRs for CAT 2 and 3 Aircraft [2007 ASU] 


Margin Benchmark for civil aircraft

  • The Margin benchmark shall be applied to all official financing support for export credits for civil aircraft pursuant to Article 8 of Appendix III of the 2011 Sector Understanding on Export Credits for Civil Aircraft (the 2011 ASU), annexed to the 2011 Arrangement for Officially Supported Export Credits (the Arrangement). The prevailing rates can be found here:  Margin Benchmark for civil aircraft


List of States qualifying for the reduction of the minimum premium rates (Cape Town List)


Commercial Interest Reference Rates (CIRR)

can be found in Annex III of the Arrangement on Export Credits


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