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23-24 April 2008: 102nd Participants to the Arrangement Meeting


102nd Participants Meeting (23-24 April 2008)


1.       The Participants to the Arrangement on Officially Supported Export Credits met in Paris at the OECD on 23-24 April 2008; the meeting was chaired by Ms. Nicole BOLLEN (the Netherlands). The Participants welcomed delegates from a number of Non Member Economies, who were participating in the meeting as ad hoc observers, these included Brazil, China, India and South Africa.


2.       The Participants considered reports on the implementation of the rules of the Arrangement, including in relation to streamlining and rationalising the text, interest rate provisions, renewable energies and water projects and on pricing of official support. The Participants also received reports on the functioning of the tied aid rules of the Arrangement, on the Agreement on Untied ODA Credits, on developments in the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee in relation to the DAC Recommendation to Untied Aid and also developments in export credits for ships (work is undertaken in cooperation with the OECD’s Working Party 6).


3.       The Participants will meet again in the week of 23 June 2008.


XCRED Secretariat
May 2008 


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