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  • Country Risk Classification

    These classifications are produced solely for the purpose of setting minimum premium rates for transactions supported according to the Arrangement, and reflect country risk.

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  • Minimum Interest Rates

    The Arrangement for Officially Supported Export Credits (the Arrangement) stipulates that minimum interest rates shall apply to official financing support for export credits. The minimum interest rates are the relevant commercial interest reference rates, according to the currencies being used. These rates are set on the 15th of each month.

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  • Premium and Interest Rates related to the Aircraft Sector Understanding

    Aircraft Sector Understanding Premium and Interest Rates: Minimum Premium Rates (MPRs) are updated as a result of the reset of Risk Based Rates (on an annual basis) and the update of the Market Reflective Surcharge (on a quarterly basis) in accordance with Articles 26 and 31 of Appendix II of the Arrangement.

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Cape Town

  • Cape Town Convention: CTC Contracting Parties qualifying for the Cape Town Convention discount, as agreed to date by the Participants to the Aircraft Sector Understanding (ASU) - (updated 30 August 2018)

Environment and social due diligence


Export credits Policies

  • Chinese export credit policies and programmes: TAD/ECG(2015)3 - (updated 16 March 2015)

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