Trade and Agriculture Directorate

Working Party of the Trade Committee


The Working Party of the Trade Committee is unusual in the OECD since it was not created to be a narrowly specialised body. The Working Party tackles the whole range of trade matters considered by the Trade Committee (with the exception of export credits and those issues dealt with by the joint groups mentioned below).


Part of the mandate of the Working Party is to carry forward the work of the Trade Committee, between the latter's sessions, taking as guidance the discussions and conclusions of the Trade Committee. Meeting in formal sessions on average 15 days per year, the Working Party prepares the work for the Trade Committee, looking in particular at the more technical aspects of issues.


Member countries send specialised experts to the Working Party meetings, depending on the agenda. Membership may thus change from one meeting to another, but not the Bureau, which consists of a Chairman, and currently four Vice-Chairmen.


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