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The Market Access Challenge in the Doha Development Agenda: Global Forum on Trade, 5-6 June, 2003, Paris, France


This Global Forum will provide an opportunity for OECD's ongoing dialogue with non-Member economies to focus on the issue of improved market access. It is a capacity-building exercise and will highlight the development aspects of trade liberalisation.

Despite significant progress made over the past fifty years, market access still represents the single most important trading issue for most countries. The reduction and elimination of tariffs remain crucial in the discussion of improved access for exports, to foreign markets. But the meaning of market access has gradually changed, encompassing today a more complex set of border and behind-the-border issues. Moreover, efforts to improve market access need to be tailored in some cases to specific situations in different countries and sectors. All this makes the task of policymakers and negotiators more challenging.

Coinciding with the lead-up to the fifth WTO Ministerial Meeting scheduled for Cancun in September 2003, the Global Forum will provide an opportunity for experts and senior representatives from OECD member and non-member governments to:

  • identify and debate the opportunities presented by the removal of barriers to market access through the Doha Development Agenda;
  • reflect on ways of mobilising domestic support for liberalisation, what trade capacity issues may arise, and other issues of interest to developing countries.

Discussions will be kicked off with a broad overview of both tariff and non-tariff barriers. This will be followed by a more focused examination of selected sectors and issues: the specific challenges of services liberalization and trade facilitation; and key issues that policymakers face as they consider a further reduction or the elimination of tariffs in agriculture, textiles and clothing and environmental goods.


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