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Services Trade Restrictiveness Index


Why a Services Trade Restrictiveness Index (STRI)

Trade in services drives the exchange of ideas, know-how and technology. It helps firms cut costs, increase productivity, participate in global value chains and boost competitiveness. Consumers benefit from lower prices and greater choice.

However, international trade in services is often impeded by trade and investment barriers and domestic regulations. The Service Trade Restrictions Index (STRI) helps identify which policy measures restrict trade.

It provides policy makers and negotiators with information and measurement tools to open up international trade in services and negotiate international trade agreements. It can also help governments identify best practice and then focus their domestic reform efforts on priority sectors and measures.

The STRI indices take the value from 0 to 1, where 0 is completely open and 1 is completely closed. They are calculated on the basis of information in the STRI database which reports regulation currently in force.



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Interactive Tools

Compare your country

Use this interactive website to discover and compare services trade restrictiveness across 19 sectors in 44 OECD and partner countries.

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Policy simulator

Once you have identified restrictiveness issues in countries, use our policy simulator to test the effects of policy changes.

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Regulatory database


Use our complete and uptodate regulatory database to review specific laws and regulations that contribute to services trade restrictiveness.

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Analysis and Methodology

Sector Notes

‌Sector notes provide you with an OECD executive analysis of the 19 different services sectors in the Services Trade Restrictiveness Index.

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Country Notes

‌‌Country notes offer a two-page analytical summary of services trade restrictiveness in each of the 44 countries that are part of the STRI.

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‌The methodology section gives you access to the structural foundations for the work on the Services Trade Restrictiveness Index.

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