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Sector Notes for Services Trade Restrictiveness Index


Using the STRI sector notes

The sector notes are two-page summaries of the STRI results for each sector. A chart presents the STRI score for each of the 42 countries together with the average score. The STRI scores are broken down on five policy areas: Restrictions on market entry conditions; Restrictions on the movement of people; Other discriminatory measures; Barriers to competition; Regulatory transparency. The sector notes also explain what drives the results and provide a brief description of the sector and the most common restrictions.

The 42 countries included in each sector note are the 34 OECD Members and Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Russia, South Africa, Colombia and Latvia.

Sector papers

Eight new policy papers covering the 18 sectors in the STRI were published in November 2014. These papers provide an in-depth exploration and explain in detail the indices and scores for the participating countries.


Sector notes

Accounting English (last updated February 2016)
Air transport English  
Architecture English (last updated February 2016)
Commercial banking English  
Computer English (last updated February 2016)
Construction English (last updated February 2016)
Courier English  
Distribution English  
Engineering English (last updated February 2016)
Insurance English  
Legal English (last updated February 2016)
Maritime transport English  
Motion Picture English  
Rail freight transport English  
Road freight transport English  
Sound Recording English  
Telecommunications English (last updated February 2016)
Television and broadcasting English  


Compare countries by sector online

You can also use the OECD Compare your Country website to compare barriers to trade in services for all 40 countries across different sectors.

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Policy brief

Download the OECD policy brief containing analysis by our trade policy experts based on the conclusions drawn from the services trade restrictiveness index.

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