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Regulatory Database for Services Trade Restrictiveness


Regulatory Database

The online STRI regulatory database displays the detailed information that built the index, along with sources and comments, for the 40 countries in the 18 sectors. This is approximately 1400 measures for each country, 90000 web links in total and 16 000 laws and regulations.


Using the database

The STRI regulatory database lists all the regulations which may constitute barriers to trade in services or which could facilitate this trade. This very detailed qualitative database also provides the source of the regulation, along with the title of the law, relevant articles, a web link to the law, and a comment if additional explanations are required. This information is presented by default, without the source and comment variables.

This dynamic online regulatory database is structured around 4 dimensions: countries, sectors, measures and variables. Due to its flexibility, the tool offers a wide range of selections to the user who can, for instance, select:

  • one country in one particular sector, or,
  • one measure for all countries in all sectors, or,
  • all countries in one sector etc.

The first page displays the selection. The user can come back to the selection page or modify its current selection directly in the results table. The user can also decide to display the source and the comment variables in addition to the value. In this way the user will have a full view of the regulatory regime of the country in question for this measure. The focus view option provides a quicker and simpler way to view this specific information by double-clicking on a specific cell.

At the end, the user will be given the possibility of sharing the information obtained or referencing the specific selection by clicking on the “share this” button. The selected data can also be downloaded.

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Policy brief

Download the OECD policy brief containing analysis by our trade policy experts based on the conclusions drawn from the services trade restrictiveness index.

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