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Policy Simulator for Services Trade Restrictiveness


STRI Policy Simulator

Unique in its design, level of detail and flexibility, the policy simulator displays the indices for the 18 sectors and the 40 countries covered by the OECD STRI project.


Testing the effects of policy changes

The policy simulator allows a user with a minimum level of knowledge in the field of barriers to trade in services to quickly obtain an overview of the indices and the key measures driving the index of a selected country in a specific sector. The user can then compare the selected country with other countries in the Index.

It also allows for the modification of answers and thereby the simulation of potential policy reforms. As soon as the user modifies the answers, a second bar called “same country selected edited” appears showing the impact of the modifications on the index. The new answers, the new score and the contribution of this new answer to the overall index are also displayed. The user can then build its own STRI for any country in the sample, based on the STRI methodology (link to the methodology page).

Due to the rather high number of measures in numerous sectors (like air transport, telecommunications or insurance services), a minimum knowledge of the methodology may be required. In this way, the user will be able to identify more quickly the key measures underlying the restrictiveness measured by the STRI e.g. in the 4 professional services sectors (legal, accounting, architecture and engineering), three measures combined can give a score of 1. These are equity restrictions related to licensing, nationality requirements and the existence of a limited licensing regime.

At the end, the user will be given the possibility of sharing the information obtained or referencing the specific selection by clicking on the “share this” button. The selected data can also be downloaded.

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Download the OECD policy brief containing analysis by our trade policy experts based on the conclusions drawn from the services trade restrictiveness index.

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