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OECD Experts Meetings on Trade in Services



OECD Experts Meetings on Trade in Services




The OECD Trade and Agriculture Directorate has launched a project that aims at quantifying barriers to trade in services by developing services trade restrictiveness indices (STRI). These meetings provide a forum for services experts to share knowledge and ideas on key reform issues, including driving forces, main impediments, and impacts on trade and other measures of economic performance. 


In particular, the meetings provide background information for future development of STRIs for the different sectors of trade in services, which can be used to inform policy analysis and policy recommendations regarding the individual sectors. Participants include experts from the private sector, governments, international organisations and academia.


Recent Meetings

The agenda, background documents and presentations are available on the meeting page.

The agenda and practical information are available on the meeting page, as well as presentations and background documents.


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