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Compare your country

The Compare your country tool provides an overview of the importance of services sectors in the 34 OECD members and 6 key partner economies. In particular, it displays the level of restrictiveness measured by the STRI in 18 sectors (among them audiovisual, telecommunications, transport, financial and professional services).


Using the tool

The first page of the tool will display a world map showing the share of services by value added exports (source: OECD TiVA database), varying from low to high according to the intensity of blue.

Two options are then available:

  • You can either click on the quick tour to view a small sample of countries, or,
  • You can click on a country profile in order to display a detailed presentation of services trade restrictiveness in the selected country. After a short introduction to the performance of the country in trade in services, the country profile page presents the scores of the selected country in the 18 sectors and a first analysis of the main drivers of the restrictiveness of this country in general, and for 6 sectors in particular (the 3 with the lowest scores and the three with the highest scores). It concludes with a broader view of the relative importance of services in gross imports and exports, value added imports and exports, inward and outward FDI stock, GDP and employment in the selected country.

The second page of the website displays all the scores for the 40 countries in the 18 sectors on one page, and enables the comparison of the selected country with any other country of the sample in a dynamic way.

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Policy brief

Download the OECD policy brief containing analysis by our trade policy experts based on the conclusions drawn from the services trade restrictiveness index.

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