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OECD Agricultural Databases: 2005 Edition


This CD-ROM is a unique, reliable and up-to-date source of international statistics on agriculture. It includes four databases:

•           OECD-FAO Agricultural Commodities Outlook Database – 1970-2014 – provides users with detailed agricultural commodity projections to 2014 for production, consumption, trade, stocks and prices for temperate zone agricultural products in OECD countries and selected information on other countries, including Argentina, Brazil, China, India, South Africa, Russia, the Other Independent States of the Former Soviet Union, and four aggregates regions: Other African Countries, other European Countries, other Asian Countries and other Latin American Countries. Aggregate results are also provided for the OECD and non-OECD areas as well as for the World.

•           Agricultural Support Estimates – 1986-2004 – provides the most up-to-date statistical series on agricultural support in OECD countries. It monitors changes in the level and composition of support and includes detailed information on sources and definitions, methods of calculation of support and criteria for classification of policy measures.

•           Economic Accounts for Agriculture – 1995-2003 (discontinued as of 2006)
contains internationally comparable data for 30 OECD countries as well as area totals for the euro area and EU-15. It provides a coherent and detailed framework for quantifying agricultural activities in monetary terms using the new accounting methodology adopted following SNA 93. Besides detailed output and input data, different value-added and income measures as well as capital formation data are shown.

•           Fisheries database – 1995 – 2003 – contains statistics on regulations (allocations, government financial transfer for fishing), production (fish landings, aquaculture production) as well as employment and capacities (employment in fisheries, fishing fleet).

The Agricultural Support Estimates and Fisheries database are provided in ExcelTM format. The remaining two databases are in user-friendly software, Beyond 20/20TM for WindowsTM, that allows you to build customised tables and charts, export to other software packages, and perform your own analysis.

Publication date: 29 September 2005
ISBN: 9264012869

(Windows / Single user)

  • Subscribers can now access the databases online via SourceOECD.
  • Non-subscribers can purchase the CD-ROM via our Online Bookshop.


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