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Workshop on Regulatory Transparency in Trade in Raw Materials, 10-11 May 2012


Workshop on Transparency in Trade in Raw Materials,
OECD Conference Centre, Paris
10-11 May 2012

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Summary report:

  • Summary Report of the Workshop on Regulatory Transparency in Trade in Raw Materials (pdf, 14 pages, 470 KB)
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Session 1. Setting the scene: the world market and policy environment for selected non-energy raw materials

Session 2. The role of export restrictions in the regulation of raw materials trade

Session 3. Keynote speech: facilitating trade and supporting markets through regulatory transparency

Session 4. National regulatory transparency practices

Session 5. Promoting transparency – multilateral approaches

Synthesis of the day’s discussion 


 About the workshop

Supply of non-energy raw materials has become an issue for many countries. Government measures limiting the export of these materials have contributed to recent price increases.

This workshop was dedicated to issues of transparency of such export measures. Lack of transparency can in itself act as a trade barrier, making exporting and importing more difficult and having negative consequences for the industries involved and for the development of countries which could often greatly benefit from a strong export sector.

The workshop was conceived as a platform for governments from exporting and importing countries and other stakeholders affected by trade policy developments in the non-energy raw materials sector to assess the current situation of transparency of export measures and better understand the economic consequences.

The objective of the workshop was to increase awareness of the benefits of improved transparency practices and practical options for making progress in this regard. Toward that goal, OECD is constructing an inventory providing detailed information about different types of measures with which countries around the world regulate the export of industrial raw materials such as minerals metals and wood. This inventory is the largest collection of such information in one place.


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