The Economics of Rebuilding Fisheries: Workshop Proceedings



  For many countries some fish stocks are in a poor state while others are depleted. In May 2009, economists, biologists, fisheries managers and policy makers participated in an OECD Workshop on the Economics of Rebuilding Fisheries. The workshop was designed to identify and analyse economic uncertainties, policy issues, biological conditions and information constraints, and to review the role of key players in program delivery.

This conference proceedings presents an overview of the major economic and institutional issues associated with rebuilding fisheries and provides examples of national and international initiatives.

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Publication date 20 April 2010

ISBN 9789264075412

OECD Code 532009071P1


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Table of contents




     by Rebecca Lent, Chair of the Workshop, Director,Office of International Affairs,

NOAA Fisheries, United States

Chapter 1. Rebuilding fisheries: Challenges for fisheries managers

     by John C. Davis, Institute for Coastal and Oceans Research, University of Victoria, Canada

Chapter 2. Rebuilding fisheries: An overview of issues and policy approaches in the OECD

    by Saba Khwaja and Anthony Cox, Fisheries Policies Division,
Trade and Agriculture Directorate, OECD

Chapter 3. Getting the economics and the incentives right: Instrument choices in rebuilding fisheries 

    by Gordon R. Munro, Department of Economics and Fisheries Centre, University of British Columbia and CEMARE, University of Portsmouth, U.K.

Chapter 4. Economic considerations and methods for evaluating fishery rebuilding strategies

    by Daniel S. Holland, Gulf of Maine Research Institute, United States

Chapter 5. Harvest strategy policy and stock rebuilding for commonwealth

fisheries in Australia

    by Peter Gooday, Tom Kompas, Nhu Che and Robert Curtotti, Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Chapter 6. Managing the transition: distributional issues of fish stock rebuilding

    by Susan Hanna, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Oregon State University, United States

Chapter 7. Setting allowable catch levels within a stock rebuilding plan

    by Lee G. Anderson, University of Delaware, United States

Chapter 8. Information issues and constraints in the design and implementation of stock rebuilding programs

    by Andrew A. Rosenberg, University of New Hampshire, United States
and Charlotte B. Mogensen, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Denmark

Chapter 9. Rebuilding fishery stocks in Korea: A national comprehensive approach

    by Sang-Go Lee, College of Fisheries Sciences, Pukyong National University, Korea

Chapter 10. Rebuilding the stock of norwegian spring spawning herring lessons learned

    by Per Sandberg, The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries

Chapter 11. Community-based management for sustainable fishery: lessons from Japan

    by Hirotsugu Uchida, Department of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, University of Rhode Island


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