• 30-April-2010


    The Economics of Rebuilding Fisheries: Workshop Proceedings

    Proceedings of an OECD workshop in May 2009, an overview of the major economic and institutional issues associated with rebuilding fisheries, including examples of national and international initiatives.

  • 7-December-2009


    An Appraisal of the Chilean Fisheries Sector

    Chile's fisheries and aquaculture sector has faced issues such as over-investment, declines in catch levels, stakeholder disputes, fleet downsizing and aquaculture diseases. This report shows how the sector in Chile evolved and met these challenges.

  • 2-December-2009

    English, , 1,148kb

    Estonian Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector 2009

    A detailed review of the fisheries sector in Estonia since independence, including legislation, management, administration, employment, conservation, production, trade, quotas and catch data.

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  • 2-December-2009

    Estonian, , 1,061kb

    Eesti Kalanduse Ja Kalakasvatuse Sektor 2009

    Antud raporti eesmärgiks on välja tuua olulisemad Eesti kogemustest lähtuvad tõdemused ja õppetunnid.

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  • 3-November-2009


    Strengthening Regional Fisheries Management Organisations

    Analysis and case studies of Regional Fisheries Management Organisations (RFMOs), who deal with management of sea resources and issues such as conservation of bluefin tuna and Atlantic tuna.

  • 6-February-2009


    Reducing Fishing Capacity: Best Practices for Decommissioning Schemes

    Vessel decommissioning schemes allow governments to adjust fishing capacity to match available fish resources. This report presents best practice guidelines on the design and implementation of such schemes.

  • 5-February-2009


    Multilingual Dictionary of Fish and Fish Products: Fifth Edition

    The "Fish Dictionary": a multilingual reference guide to the names (in 20 languages) of 1187 fish, seafood and fish products traded internationally, published by OECD and Wiley-Blackwell.

  • 20-March-2008


    Fishing for Coherence in West Africa: Policy Coherence in the Fisheries Sector in Seven West African Countries

    This publication provides an analytical framework adapted to the West African context, as well as an action framework based on the facts and realities in the field in order to improve the coherence of fisheries policies in West Africa.

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  • 21-January-2008

    English, , 39kb

    Argentina Fisheries Services

    The following is the country inventory from Argentina on fisheries services submitted in 2007.

  • 21-January-2008

    English, , 207kb

    France Fisheries Services

    Country inventory from France on fisheries services, submitted in 2007.

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