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OECD- European Commission Workshop - Pathways to policy change on water in agriculture


Pathways Brussels water agriculture



20-21 February 2018, European Commission Conference Centre, Brussels 

The OECD Secretariat and the European Commission are co-organising a workshop on pathways to policy changes on water in agriculture. The agriculture sector faces increasing water risks and is also a significant user and polluter of water. Policy options to tackle these challenges have been identified but they are not always easy to introduce or to apply.

The workshop contributes to a project led by the OECD Joint Working Party on Agriculture and the Environment on “Reforming water policies in agriculture”. It also contributes to discussions engaged by the European Commission with its member States, under its Taskforce on Water and Agriculture, on the sustainable management of water in agriculture in the European Union (EU). 


Information for Participants


Objective of the workshop

The objective of the workshop is to discuss and exchange practical experience in reform processes on water policies in agriculture among OECD and EU member countries. The exercise will strive to identify pathways to address water resource challenges for the agriculture sector.  


Sessions and presentations

  • Session 1: From political realities to changing policies


     Additional contribution:


      Additional contribution:


     Additional contribution:



  • Session 6: Takeaway lessons


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For further information on this workshop, please contact:

Guillaume Gruère, Trade and Agriculture Directorate, OECD


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