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OECD Global Forum on Trade 2010


Globalisation, Comparative Advantage and Trade Policy

Chengdu, People's Republic of China | 14-15 October, 2010

Organised by SCCOM and Sichuan Bureau of Exposition Affairs with the support of OECD, the World Bank, MOFCOM and Sichuan Provincial People's Government, PRC.


With the emergence of new players in global trade and investment, proponents of ‘managing’ globalisation are becoming increasingly vocal. This trend is likely to accelerate as recovery from the crisis remains fragile and employment numbers weak. While the landscape of global trade is expected to change, it is not clear what role policy can play in preparing an economy to meet the ensuing challenges.

The 2010 OECD Global Forum on Trade brought together various stakeholders to discuss evidence on how useful the concept of comparative advantage remains for trade policy and the implications of these concepts for future economic performance. Experts examined evidence and discussed how policy can be mutually supportive to an open trading system and a flexible resource market.



Opening session

» Opening remarks, Raed Safadi

Session I

» Comparative Advantage Project Background and Export Specialisation Mobility in OECD and SEM Economies, Przemyslaw Kowalski

» Have Changes in Factor Endowments been Reflected in Trade Patterns and What Effect has this had on Relative Wages?, Ricardo Cavazos

» Policy Perspectives on “The Comparative Advantage of Nations: Shifting Trends and Policy Implications”, Nakgyoon Choi

» Ambassador Geoff Raby's speech

Keynote Address

» Thoughts on Revealed Comparative Advantage, Alan V. Deardorff

Session II

» Turning Trade Opportunities into Trade: Addressing the Binding Constraints to Trade, Jean-Jacques Hallaert

» Trade Growth and the Millennium Development Goals, ZHANG Xiaojii

» Turning Trade Opportunities and Challenges into Trade: Implications for ASEAN Countries, Ponciano Intal

» Turning Trade Opportunities into Trade: Facilitating Structural Change Policy Perspectives, Chze Cheen Lim

Session III

» OECD Background Study on Green Growth, Raed Safadi

» Environmental Regulation and Revealed Comparative Advantages in Europe, Daniela Marconi

» Innovative Financial Mechanism for Cost Sharing of Green Growth between Developed and Developing Countries: Targeting at Clean Technology, Zou Ji

Session IV

» Post-Crisis Patterns of Trade and Global Imbalances, Michael Plummer

» Financial dimensions in post-crisis trade, Alicia Garcia-Herrero

» Development Trend of Trade in Services in the Post-crisis Era, Hu Jingyan

» Policy Perspectives on Post-crisis Trade Pattern: Real Exchange Rate, Economic Growth and Currency War, Fan Zhai

Session V

» Comparative Advantage and Trade Performance: Policy Implications, Przemyslaw Kowalski

» Diffusion and Downstreaming of Technology-Intensive Products in International Trade, Michael J. Ferrantino

» How should we respond to competitive shocks?, L Alan Winters

» Policy Perspective, Ganeshan Wignaraja

Session VI (Round Table)

» Learning from the Crisis and Strengthening the Global Economy, Yan Xuan



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