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OECD Global Forum on Agriculture 2012


Policy Coherence for Food Security in Developing Countries

Paris, France | 26 November, 2012


Nearly one billion people are chronically food insecure, suffering from hunger and undernourishment. Historically, the major cause of food insecurity has not been a lack of food availability, but rather limitations on access. Most of the world’s hungry are so because they are too poor to afford sufficient nutritious food. Given that the majority of the world’s poor still lives in rural areas, where smallholder farming is the backbone of the economy, this underlines the need to raise the productivity and incomes of smallholders, especially women, and to improve their resilience against shocks. Improved coherence of policies among developed, emerging and developing countries can contribute to improving both availability and access.

The aim of this Global Forum is to foster a dialogue among policy makers from OECD countries and emerging and developing economies on how best to address these challenges. In particular, the Forum will:

  1. Take stock of the spill-overs of national agricultural and agriculture related policies, suggesting ways in which negative impacts can be avoided and identifying positive effects that can be leveraged, for example through knowledge sharing in areas such as agricultural research;
  2. Examine ways in which aid and aid-related policies, including donor support for developing country led co ordination processes, can better support a structured prioritisation of investments to improve food security;
  3. Consider ways in which governments can encourage the kinds of private investment – both foreign and domestic – that are conducive to improved food security.


Agenda and background documents


Documents and presentations

Morning Session


Lunchtime discussion

  • William Nicol, OECD | Brochure
  • "Improving Food Security. A systemic review of the impact of interventions in agricultural production, value chains, market regulation, and land security". The Policy and Operations Evaluation Department (IOB) of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Ferko Bodnar, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands - | PPT | Full report (190 pages) | Evaluation insight (12-page summary)

Afternoon session

  • Presentation by Earnán O’Cleirigh, OECD | Paper | PPT


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